Earlier this year Smarty Pants podcast  interviewed me about Muriel Rukeyser and then I read her poem "Letter to the Front". Have a listen here!

I was also interviewed by Smarty Pants a year ago about my podcast Read Me a Poem. Listen here!

If you have a favorite poem by a (dead) poet, we'd love to hear from you. Shoot me an email via the contact page on this website or send your suggestion to "Read Me a Poem"  at The American Scholar.

You can check out book selections at my book blog, although the blog has now evolved into a regular column at Washington Independent Review of Books .

P.S. Photo on the previous page was taken by my then seven year old daughter in the 1990s, on the grounds of Tolstoy's home Yasnaya Polyana.  I'm carrying my youngest son Elliot in my arms.